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Hi! I'm Zelda, the princess of New Hyrule, formed one hundred years ago by my grandmother, Tetra the Pirate Queen. I will answer questions regarding anything, from Spirit Tracks to my favorite colors! Right now, the train is pulling into the station, so it doesn't look all that great. The mail carriers will deliver the questions to me, so write to me! ((OOC: Sorry, I forgot to mention this before. This Zelda only knows information from her timeline. So she only knows that 3rd split in the timeline. I accepted the Zeran drawing, but that's it.))
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Anonymous sent: Zelda, do you know why Link, well besides the Lokomos, was the only one that can see you when you were a ghost in your kingdom?


I figured the Lokomo’s had a lot of spiritual power, so thats why they could see me.

But honestly? I don’t think I ever questioned why Link could.

I think I was just too happy that someone could see me. And you know, risk their life to get my body back

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Yes, I should just…

I should really clean up.

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I… I’m back.

I… I’m back.

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((Hey everyone, I’m sorry I’ve been dead for a while :T It’s been…a tough few months. I had to take a leave from my uni to try and make some money, which in the end has gone to try and pay off my loan debt, among other bills and food. I know its a bit of a downer, but I have to start somewhere, I suppose. I’m really broke right now, and I wont get paid my measly 200 dollars until Friday, so I figured I’d see if anyone was looking to get a commission done from me.

I can link the info on it if there are people who are interested. It’d be pretty simple stuff this time, and it would be mostly traditional as I lost my pen recently and cant afford a new one to get back on the digital drawing. You’ve seen some of the stuff I draw here, and that would give you somewhat of an idea of where to start. If you’d be at all willing to part with a few dollars for a drawing, just let me know via inbox?

Don’t think I’m not putting in my own effort; I’m looking for another part time job as we speak.

So if you can, thank you in advance, if you can’t, well, thanks for at least reading this far.))

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Present for Zellie
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Present for Zellie

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"However the Royal family still participates in the worship of the Three Golden Goddesses and we still hold ceremonies in their name.

After all, we wouldn’t really be here if it weren’t for the famed Triforce.”

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kaialone sent: I can´t go into much detail in an ask but,to put it simply, NOA changed stuff around. In the japanese version Anjean mentions that Zelda is Tetra´s great-great grandchild. Thought the japanese version never directly mentions Tetra by name (as far as I have played) .Zelda also doesnt seem to have known Tetra personally. Furthermore, Zelda mentions in the original how her /mother/ used to play for her on the Flute, not her grandmother.

((oh! thank you for clarifying that))

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kaialone sent: I could explain to you why ST!Zelda is refered to as Tetra´s great-great-grandchild in Hyrule Historia. Only if you want to of course, I don´t want to bore you with anything if you don´t really care about it.

((I’m guessing it had to do with a mistranslation? Thats usually the case with situations like this.))

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((I swear I will draw this if anyone sends me a team.))


((I swear I will draw this if anyone sends me a team.))

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I didn’t really think much of him at the start. I barely knew him at all before the ceremony; he was just another engineer as far as Cole and I were concerned.

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If the balls at the castle, he’d probably have gotten the invitation straight from me!


Hey! He owes me a dance!

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Uh no thank you, I believe I have enough support for there to be no need for a chancellor.

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